Magnetic tape 20x1.5 with 3M adhesive

  • Magnetic tape 20x1.5 with 3M adhesive

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  • Material: Strontiumferrit with adhesive 3M
    Dimensions: Width: 20 mm; thickness 1.5 mm;
    Tolerance: +/- 0.1 mm
    Magnetization (Magnetisation): Isotropic
    Strength: Approx. 98 g / cm²
    Max operating temp. (Max. Working temperature): 80 ° C
    Weight: 360 g / 5 meters 

    The bestseller among the self-adhesive magnetic tapes
    This 20 mm wide self-adhesive magnetic tape is made to attach non-magnetic objects to metal surfaces. 

    This magnetic tape is available in lengths of 1 m, 5 m, 10 m, 30 m, and 50 m. It consists of strontium ferrite and flexible plastic. On one side it is coated with an 3M adhesive. The adhesive force is 98 - 102 g/cm² . The longer the magnetic tape the higher the adhesive force. For heavy objects, we recommend a large enough magnetic tape. 

    Please note!
    Magnets should not be placed on self-adhesive magnetic tapes, because they would demagnetise the tapes. Suitable surfaces for magnets are self-adhesive metal tapes or metal strips, for example.