Magnetic filter rod 25x250/2xM6

  • Magnetic filter rod 25x250/2xM6

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  • Outer diameter: 25 mm
    Length: 250 mm
    Internal thread: 2 x M6
    The magnetic filter bar is closed in a housing made: made of acid-resistant steel, AISI304

    The part a housing of this magnetic filter rod is made of acid-resistant steel 1H18N9T (1.4541) (321) (AISI304). All surfaces of the filter rod are magnetically active. Both ends of the rod have holes with M6 thread. NdFeb Neodymium magnet maximum working temperature 80 ° [C]. Weight: 530 g

    The magnetic flux density of the magnetic bar above the central pole is from min. 1 [T] max. 1,200 [T] 10000 Gs -12000 Gs