Magnetic filter BAR 313x30x30/2xM8 (12000 Gs)

  • Magnetic filter BAR 313x30x30/2xM8 (12000 Gs)

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  • Outer Diameter: Width x Height: 30mm x 30mm
    Length: 313 mm
    Internal thread from the ends: 2 x M8
    Body surface: made of acid-resistant steel, AISI304

    The body of this magnetic filter rod is made of acid-resistant steel 1H18N9T (AISI304). All surfaces of the filter rod are magnetically active. Both ends of the rod have holes with M8 thread. NdFeb Neodymium magnet maximum working temperature 80 ° [C]. Weight: 2000 g
    The magnetic flux density of the magnetic bar above the central pole is max. 1.2 [T] 12,000 Gs 

    In which industries can I use a magnetic filter rod? 

    • Waste recycling;
    • Paper and tobacco industry;
    • Food industry;
    • Plastic and rubber processing industry;
    • Textile industry;
    • Automotive industry;
    • Wood industry, etc.