Fishing magnets F120

  • Fishing magnets F120

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  • Outer diameter: 60 mm
    Height: 12 mm
    Thread: M8
    Weight: 0.28 Kg
    Operating temperature: 80 C
    Attraction force: 120 Kg

    Magnet magnetic field from below, AXIAL
    Manufacturer: CHINA

    ATTENTION!!! Sold with loop

    Search magnets F120 are used to search for ferromagnetic objects (steel, cast iron, iron, etc.) in reservoirs (rivers, lakes, swamps), wells, quarries, mines, etc.

    Search magnets are made from a piece of steel with a neodymium magnet embedded in it.

    To protect against corrosion, the magnets are covered with a nickel layer, and the steel part is galvanized.

    Neodymium-iron-boron alloy (Nd-Fe-B).

    Pull force to 30 mm steel plate: 120 kg.