D38x8-24V Electromagnet 15 Kg Solenoid

  • D38x8-24V Electromagnet 15 Kg Solenoid

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  • Technical data (Technical data)

    Diameter: D 38 mm Central diameter: d 18 mm
    Height: 8 mm
    Supply voltage: 24V
    Power: 6W
    Suction force: 15 Kg 150N
    Current consumption (Current consumption about): about 500 mA
    The insulation is removed at the ends: 25 cm long.
    Mounting hole, internal thread: M4, thread depth P: 5 mm (bolt or eyelet included in the kit)
    Weight: 49 g 

    Electromagnet 38x8mm - electric lifting magnet with a diameter of 38 mm, thickness 8 mm, input voltage 24V, current 0.5A, power consumption 6 W, clutch 15 kg. This powerful and compact electric lifting magnet has

    Smooth and flat surface, low current consumption and reliable to use, simple operation, effort saving, safe and reliable and can be controlled remotely.

    Electromagnets have become so widespread that it is difficult to name an area of technology where they are not used in one form or another. They are found in many household appliances - electric shavers, tape recorders, televisions, etc. Communication devices - telephony, telegraphy and radio are unthinkable without their use. Electromagnets are an integral part of electrical machines, many industrial automation devices, control and protection equipment for various electrical installations. A developing area of application for electromagnets is medical equipment. Finally, giant electromagnets are used in synchrophasotrons to accelerate elementary particles.