D3.5x3 N42 Neodymium magnet

  • D3.5x3 N42 Neodymium magnet

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  • Shape: Disc
    Size: D3.5 x 3 mm
    Tolerance: +/- 0.1 mm
    Coating: (Ni-Cu-Ni)
    Magnetisation: N42 3mm
    Strength: approx. 0.3 Kg
    Max working temp. (Max. working temperature): 80°C
    Weight: 0.22 g

    Properties of magnetic material N42: remanencja Br 1.28-1.32 [T] Coercja HCB min. 899 [kA / m], Coercja HcJ min. 955 [kA / m], energy product (BH) max 286-302 [kJ/m3]
    Physical Properties: Density ~ 7.5 [g/cm3], Vickers (HV) ~ 600 [kg/mm2], Resistivity ~ 144 [uOhm x]
    The maximum operating temperature is 80 ° [C].
    Curing temperature is ~ 310 ° [C]. Temperature coefficient remanent magnetization TK (br): approximately -0.12% / ° [C]. Temperature coefficient Coercja TK (HcJ): approximately -0.6% / ° [C].
    The magnetic flux density of the geometrical pole center is 0.7 [mm] distance from the surface of the magnet is ~ 0.316 [T]
    Force: ~ 0.3 [kg].
    All the numbers quoted were obtained as a result of tests with one specific item in a room temperature and are intended
    to serve for comparison of practical magnetic properties of magnets offered by the shop