643 Gauss/Tesla meter

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  • LZ-643 is a portable AC and DC gaussmeter among the LZ series gaussmeters. It is used for measuring the surface magnetic field of permanent magnets and the working magnetic field of DC motor and magnetic separators.

    LZ-643 can display N/S, with the high resolution of 0.1G, it can be used for detecting the residual magnetic of machining, the remanence of work-piece and controlling the magnetic situation of plating materials, also detecting the magnetism of motors. With AC measurement function, it can be applied for detecting AC space magnetic field distribution. 


    Main Features

    • Portable, convenient to handle and store, for on site measurement
    • Automatically shut down time can be set, continuous use for more than 30 hours (turn off back-light)
    • DC/AC magnetic field
    • DC/AC maximum value hold
    • DC field polarity judge function
    • Probe automatic zero, relative measurement, upper and lower limit alarm sorting
    • Units: G, T, Oe, A/m
    • Two 64 readings memory for recording measuriment data in real time
    • Transverse probe/ axial probe with independent calibration value
    • USB interface and dedicated acquisition software

    Technical Data


    four AA batteries (alkaline battery is recommended)


    3 3/4digital LCD display

    3.DC Measurement


    30kG, 3kG, 300G


    10G, 1G, 0.1G


    (2%of reading +0.1%of range)

    (B<20kG, probe temperature15-35℃)

    Temperature coefficient:

    Maximum ±(0.06% of reading+0.01G)/℃

    probe temperature 15-35℃

    Display update rate:

    2.5 rgd/s

    4.AC Measurement


    3Kg, 300G


    1G, 0.1G


    10Hz-10kHz (sine magnetic field)


    ±(5%of reading +0.2%of range)

    (effective range, 1kHz sine magnetic field)

    Effective measurement range >0.33%range

    Rated measurement range >1%range

    Zero deviation :


    Temperature coefficient:

    Maximum ±(0.06%of reading)/℃

    probe temperature 15-35℃

    Display update rate:

    2.5 rgd/s

    5.Application Environment


    15-35℃(rated accuracy)

    35-45℃ (accuracy reduced by 0.2%)


    15-35℃ (rated accuracy)

    35-45℃(accuracy reduced by 1%)



    6. Interface:

    5-core probe socket

    7. Dimension:


    Probe Features

    The standard configuration of LZ-643 is transverse probe. There are also axial probe for customer selection.
    The probe is composed of tip, body, hand shank, cable, connector, sheath and calibration code.
    In the tip of probe, there is a hall sensor, which is very fragile. The thickness of tip is 1.2mm and the width is 3.5mm.
    The body of probe connect with tip and hand shank and extend tip to the suitable operation position.
    Hand shank is the only part which operator can hold during the measurement. In some special applications, operator can use some fixed device to hold the hand shank, so that the tip of probe keep stable during the measurement.
    The cable connects the electric from tip to connector. The length of it is 1.5 m. The connector is 5 core plug, and connect with the socket at the tip of LZ-642.
    Sheath is used to protect the tip and body shank of probe.
    All the probes have a separate calibration code. The calibration code is located near the probe connector. The calibration code can be input to the LZ-642 by keyboard.