100x100x20 Y35 Block-shaped ferrite magnet

  • 100x100x20 Y35 Block-shaped ferrite magnet

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  • Material: Y35 Ferrite
    Shape: Block
    Measurements (Size): 100 x 100 x 20 mm
    Tolerance: +/- 0.8 mm
    Direction of magnetisation: Axis 20 mm
    Magnetisation: Y35
    Coating: None
    Max working temp. (Max. working temperature): 250°C
    Weight: 1200 g
    Attraction force (Strength approx): 17 Kg
    Displacement force approx. (Displacement force approx.): 3100 g
    Can be used outdoors, can come into contact with water. (Ferrite magnets do not require anticorrosive protection. They my be used in water).

    Magnetic properties of material

    Curie temperature: 450 °C
    Residual magnetism: Br 4000-4100 G, 0.40-0.41 T
    Coercive field strength: bHc 2.20-2.45 kOe, 175-195 kA/m
    Coercive field strength: iHc 2.26-2.51 kOe, 180-200 kA/m
    Energy product: (BxH)max. 3.8-4.0 MGOe, 30.0-32.0 kJ/m³